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Come and experience the Gold Standard of carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast locals trust.

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Our professional carpet cleaning service providers are in accordance with approved methods and recommendations of the following industry organisations:

5 Star Rating

The Sunshine Coasts 5-STAR Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

VIP Carpet Cleaning is here to offer you a professional carpet cleaning experience like no other.

We aren’t your typical carpet cleaners who are in and out as fast as possible and onto the next job. We believe in giving your premises the time it needs to achieve the best possible result.

Sunshine Coast Carpet Cleaning

Why Choose VIP Carpet Cleaning?

With our experience and expertise in residential and commercial carpet cleaning, tile & grout, upholstery, rugs, pressure cleaning, and other professional cleaning services Sunshine Coast locals know and trust, there’s many reasons why we’re different…

 We never rush jobs, appropriate time is always taken
 We wear clean, neat, and tidy uniforms
We move most furniture and put it back again
We pre-inspect your carpets to identify any areas of concern
 We use safe and industry approved cleaning solutions
 We don’t bait you with rock-bottom prices and shock you with hidden costs later

We always include stain treatment at no extra cost
We use turbo air dryers to enhance drying times
We are a local Sunshine Coast carpet cleaning business
 We place corner guards to protect your walls
We pre-vacuum carpets and upholstery
We treat your home or workplace like our own with the utmost care
 We always wear our company uniforms and never sub-contract our work

You Deserve A Carpet Cleaning Company Who…

  Is on time, so you’re not waiting all day for some random Sunshine Coast carpet cleaner to show up

Is polite and courteous in your home and wears protective covers over their shoes

Is professionally trained and knows how different fibres respond to various levels of heat, moisture, and agitation

Is committed to providing the best carpet cleaning Sunshine Coast has to offer

Benefits of Our Services

Soil Suspension

Our premium cleaning solutions penetrate deep into the fibres to break down oils, grease, grime, and dirt

Low Moisture

Our carpet cleaning process uses as little moisture as possible so that your carpets and upholstery can dry


Our cleaning process provides polymer anti-soiling technology and enhances suspended soil removal

Bacteria Destroyed

Our specialised cleaning process targets living organisms such as mould, bacteria, and germs that live on your surfaces

Fibre Safe

Our premium cleaning solutions are even safe to use on the delicate fibres such as wool, linen, cotton, and silk

Fast Drying Times

Because we use as little moisture as possible, your carpets and upholstery can be completely dry in just a few hours - not days!


Low VOC means there's little to no unpleasant vapours emitted from the cleaning solutions even when heated

Cleaner For Longer

Our specialised cleaning process enables us to deliver you a deep clean that ensures everything stays cleaner for longer

Carpet Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Rug Cleaning
Tile & Grout Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning
Leather Cleaning
Pressure Cleaning
Mould Cleaning

Ask Us About Fibre Protection Treatment

Fibre Protection is commonly referred to as 'Scotchgard' and it's designed to form a protective layer on a material and promote stain prevention.

Increases Longevity
Protective Barrier
Cleaner For Longer

Make Sure Your Carpets & Upholstery Are Protected

Fibre Protection Treatment works like what most people know as Scotchgard. It is designed to be applied to a material after it has been cleaned and it forms a protective layer of the surface of the fibres.

This protective layer can repel potential stains and marks and prevent them from setting in which enables you to enjoy cleaner carpets and upholstery for longer.

Be sure to ask our technicians about getting your carpets, rugs, or upholstery protected and they will advise you of how they can apply it for you.

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    5 Star Rating

    Experience The Gold Standard of Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast Locals Trust

    VIP Carpet Cleaning is built differently to your typical operator.

    Companies who offer X amount of $ for Y amount of rooms usually just include a very basic clean with no vacuuming, no stain treatment, no rotary scrubbing, and no furniture moved.

    Cleaning Carpets

    We believe in being a very thorough service that pays attention to the finer details, such as vacuuming behind your bed posts and the underside of your rugs. We also shift most furniture and put it back in its original place with a protective coaster underneath it.


    We believe that these ‘extras’ should always be part of a professional carpet cleaning service, otherwise, you’re not getting the best possible clean.

    Don’t settle for the companies that lure you in with low prices and then try to increase the cost once they’re onsite. Experiences like these leave people wishing they trusted their gut and went with a more expensive company to begin with.

    Get it done right the first time and trust the expertise of VIP Carpet Cleaning to take care of everything for you.

    Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

    Pre Inspection

    We will firstly pre-inspect your carpets and upholstery before anything else to identify any potential issues such a damage, degradation, loose threads, and other things that may affect the cleaning process

    Pre Spray

    The carpets or upholstery will be sprayed with our specialised cleaning solution that can remove dirt, grime, soil, stains, marks, and oils from the material

    Pre Vacuum

    Your carpets, rugs, and upholstery will be pre-vacuumed first to prepare the fibres for deep cleaning and to remove dirt, dust, soils, and dry particulate from the surface of the material

    Deep Clean

    The carpets or upholstery will now be deep cleaned with our industrial cleaning equipment and special attention given to areas of concern

    Stain Pre Treatment

    Stains and marks will now be pre-treated so that they can gradually start to break-down. This makes the removal process easier later on when we deep clean it

    Speed Drying

    We will now utilise a turbo air dryer and point it at a freshly cleaned surface to enhance our already fast drying times and get your carpets and upholstery dried faster

    Move Light Furniture

    We will shift and put back any future that our technician deems safe and reasonable to move. The vast majority of your furniture in your premises will be shifted, cleaned under, and returned


    You can now enjoy all the benefits of our amazing service that has delivered freshly cleaned carpeting and upholstery that are cleaned to a hygienic level

    5 Star Rating

    The VIP Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast Service

    Are your carpets and upholstery looking dull and dated? Do you see stubborn stains on the carpet or detect a musty odour in the room?

    Or perhaps the family sofa is looking a bit worse for wear or your tiles and grout look nothing like they used to.

    If so, then it’s time to contact the experts at VIP Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast and experience the ultimate cleaning service.

    Professional Carpet Cleaners

    It isn’t uncommon for foot traffic, grime, and years of usage to quickly build up without anyone noticing it. Before you know it, you have unsightly track marks through your corridors and into the rooms that stand out like a sore thumb.

    With regular professional carpet cleaning services, your carpets and upholstery look much better and your rooms can feel fresher as well. We use the latest professional carpet cleaning technology for our work. This is extremely effective in breaking down even very stubborn and old stains and removing heavy soilage.

    Cleaning Carpeted Hallway

    We are the experienced Sunshine Coast carpet cleaning company that has seen all of these things and we have the ability, training, knowledge, and resources to work with them.

    Our expert Sunshine Coast carpet cleaners will clean all your carpets and upholstery efficiently and professionally, bringing them back to a hygienically clean state.

    The Sunshine Coast is a beautiful region with so much to offer such as parks, shopping malls, golf courses, water activities, and so much more. Trust the locals from VIP Carpet Cleaning Sunshine Coast to get the job done and contact us now.

    Suburbs We Service

    Bald Knob
    Balmoral Ridge
    Battery Hill
    Bells Creek
    Diamond Valley
    Dicky Beach
    Golden Beach
    Kings Beach
    Little Mountain
    Meridan Plains
    Moffat Beach
    Mooloolah Valley
    Mount Mellum
    North Maleny
    Pelican Waters
    Shelly Beach

    Alexandra Headland
    Bli Bli
    Coes Creek
    Coolum Beach
    Cotton Tree
    Forest Glen
    Image Flat
    Kiels Mountain
    Kunda Park
    Landers Shoot
    Maroochy River

    Mount Coolum
    Mountain Creek
    North Arm
    Pacific Paradise
    Peregian Beach
    Peregian Springs
    Point Arkwright
    Sippy Downs
    Towen Mountain
    Twin Waters
    West Woombye
    Weyba Downs
    Yandina Creek

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