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    Mould on Carpet

    Why Choose VIP Carpet Mould Cleaning?

    With our experience and expertise in cleaning mould and other professional cleaning services Sunshine Coast locals know and trust, there’s many reasons why we’re different…

     We never rush jobs, appropriate time is always taken
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    We move most furniture and put it back again
    We pre-inspect your carpets to identify any areas of concern
     We use safe and industry approved cleaning solutions
     We don’t bait you with rock-bottom prices and shock you with hidden costs later

    We always include stain treatment at no extra cost
    We use turbo air dryers to enhance drying times
    We are a local Sunshine Coast mould cleaning business
    We will close off certain areas to prevent people walking though
    We treat your home or workplace like our own with the utmost care
     We always wear our company uniforms and never sub-contract our work

    You Deserve A Mould Cleaning Company Who…

      Is on time, so you’re not waiting all day for some random Sunshine Coast mould cleaner to show up

    Is polite and courteous in your home or workplace

    Is professionally trained and knows how to clean different types of mould

    Prides itself on offering the best mould cleaning Sunshine Coast has to choose from

    The Expert Mould Cleaners Sunshine Coast Locals Trust

    Mould on carpet is a common problem in households, especially in humid or wet climates. Carpet is an ideal breeding ground for mould spores, which can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems in some people.

    There are several things you can do to prevent mould on your carpet. By following these simple tips, you can help prevent mould on your carpet and keep your home healthy and safe for everyone.

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      Hazards of Mould on Carpet

      Mould on carpet is a serious hazard that can cause a number of health problems. It can cause respiratory problems, skin irritation and allergies. It can also lead to headaches, fatigue and nausea. Mould on carpets can also cause serious lung infections. If you have mould on your carpeting, it is important to get it removed immediately by a professional mould cleaning company on the Sunshine Coast: VIP Carpet Cleaning.

      When it comes to mould, there are a few things you should know in order to keep your home and family safe. Mould in carpet health risks can include serious respiratory problems, so it’s important to be aware of the potential hazards, especially if you have young children or elderly family members living in your home.

      Never try to remove mould from carpet yourself. Not only is it dangerous, but you could end up making the problem worse and causing damage that can only be repaired, not cleaned.

      Mould on Carpet

      What Causes Mould On Carpets

      Mould loves damp, dark places, so one of the most common places you’ll find it is on your walls. If you have any areas in your home that tend to be damp or humid, make sure to keep an eye out for signs of mould growth. If you do find mould on your carpet, it’s important to see what caused the issue to begin with.

      This issue will need to be rectified as soon as possible, otherwise mould can continue to grow even after it’s been professionally removed. You may also need to replace the affected area of carpet. If the mould has spread throughout your home, you may need to hire a professional to clean and remove it.

      Mould on carpet can be caused by many different things. Some common causes are leaks, high humidity, and condensation. Mould in carpet from water damage is extremely common and can cause further problems if not treated. If your carpet is constantly wet or damp, this can also lead to mould growth. Mould spores are everywhere and only need a little bit of moisture to start growing.

      Tips For Managing Mouldy Carpet

      Mould loves warm and damp conditions, which is why it often appears on carpets in humid rooms like bathrooms or basements. But even if your home isn’t particularly humid, mould can still find its way onto your carpet. There are a few types of mould in carpet and here are a few of the most common causes of green, black, and white mould on carpets:

      1. Spills: Spillages that aren’t cleaned up right away: Even if you wipe up a spill as soon as it happens, if you don’t also dry the area completely mould can start to grow.

      2. High humidity: If the air in your home is consistently humid, it creates an ideal environment for mould to thrive.

      3. Leaks: A leaky pipe or roof can lead to water seeping into your carpet, which provides the perfect breeding ground for mould spores. If this water isn’t extracted and just sits there, it’s very likely that mould will start to grow.

      4. Moisture: Places that are damp and moist will naturally have more moisture present which can lead to increased mould growth. Some places are unfortunately designed and built in a certain way that actually promotes mould growth, so even regular cleaning will only keep it at bay temporarily.

      Don’t hesitate and contact us as soon as possible to take care of your mould on your carpets. We know exactly how to treat it and our treatment could be what saves your carpets from permanent damage.

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