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    What Is Carpet Shampooing?

    Carpet shampooing gets its name from the way that the cleaning process appears. A specialised solution is sprayed onto the carpet and is then agitated between the fibres using a rotary scrubbing machine. The agitation generates heat and can make the solution foam up, which gives off the appearance that the carpet is being shampooed.

    This method is commonly referred to as carpet dry cleaning or carpet encapsulation cleaning, and the terms are often used interchangeably. Encapsulation is the process of applying a solution to the carpet utilizing a variety of instruments, including a rotary machine, CRB counter rotating brush, brush applicator, or compression sprayer. It doesn’t matter how the solution is applied; what matters is that it penetrates the carpet completely.

    Before being vacuumed away, the cleaning agent in the solution absorbs and crystallizes around carpeting particles. Carpets with a lot of traffic make excellent candidates for this cleaning method. Because there is little drying time or need for shampoos, the length of time a carpet needs to be treated before cleaning is finished and it can be used again in a very short amount of time. In most cases, cleaning can be finished in an hour, allowing you to use your carpet once more. The additional benefit of preventing carpet deterioration by soaking it less regularly is another advantage.

     Fast Drying

    Less water Used


    Why Choose VIP Carpet Shampooing?

    With our experience and expertise in shampooing carpets and rugs, there’s many reasons why we’re different…

     We never rush jobs, appropriate time is always taken
     We wear clean, neat, and tidy uniforms
    We move most furniture and put it back again
    We pre-inspect your carpets to identify any areas of concern
     We use safe and industry approved cleaning solutions
     We don’t bait you with rock-bottom prices and shock you with hidden costs later

    We always include stain treatment at no extra cost
    We use turbo air dryers to enhance drying times
    We are a local Sunshine Coast carpet shampooing business
     We place corner guards to protect your walls
    We pre-vacuum carpets
    We treat your home or workplace like our own with the utmost care
     We always wear our company uniforms and never sub-contract our work

    VIP Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Service

    You Deserve Carpet Shampooers Who…

      Are on time, so you’re not waiting all day for some random Sunshine Coast carpet shampooing service to show up

    Are polite and courteous in your home or workplace and can work around you

    Are professionally trained and knows how different fibres respond to various levels of heat, moisture, and agitation

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      VIP is the first choice for all carpet shampooing services and more on the Sunshine Coast. Whatever it is you need, be it in your home, apartment, or business, our professional cleaners are ready to make your premises look incredible.

      Carpet Shampoo Cleaning Service

      Since the effectiveness of the cleaning agent depends on several variables, such as the quantity of soil (which can be seen or unseen) in the carpet as well as the kind of carpet itself, the encapsulation method is more effective in commercial settings with high traffic. This is partly because is a rapid cleaning process with little downtime. Since carpets used in homes usually vary in design, densities, and reasons than carpets used in commercial settings, the encapsulation cleaning procedure could be less efficient for these types of carpets.

      Having said that, cleaning the encapsulation can be a helpful step in the upkeep of a house. Starting with a hot water extract clean, followed by regular encapsulation cleans as intermediate cleans, is the best way to maintain your carpets.

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